This month, I spoke with jewelry designer Amelia Turbyfill Smith, of Mountainside Designs. Amelia began her work as a metalsmith three years ago when she moved to Montana. She took one metalsmith class in Whitefish, Montana and learned the rest on her own. Amelia now has several stockists, an online shop, an etsy shop, and sells at the local farmer’s market.

Amelia continues to work in digital marketing alongside her jewelry business. She enjoys the freedom to create when she is inspired, and worries that going full-time as a maker would be too much pressure. 

Amelia says her challenge has been to get over the fear of not knowing. As a mostly self-taught artist, her way of creating may be different than others. However, she sees this as a good thing. She’s also had to experiment with finding quality materials and stones. Amelia orders her materials online, which makes it difficult to know what she is getting. 

Amelia finds success in knowing that she has found something creative for herself. She describes always wanting to be expressive and creative. However, it wasn’t until she discovered metalsmithing that she felt confident in her creativity.

One of the areas that Amelia seems to have found success is in growing her Instagram followers. So how does she do it?

Amelia says it is important to post quality photos and be consistent. Amelia wants her photos to look cohesive and have a similar vibe to them. She uses a few filters that fit that vibe. She has experimented with finding the right hashtags for her brand and initially learned by looking at what other metalsmithers were using. She also thinks about her target audience and gears her hashtags to those that would buy her jewelry.

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