This weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with Fiber Artist, Meghan Purcell, in her studio in Livingston, MT. I first met Meghan and her husband Jeff while selling at the Bozeman Flea. I was immediately drawn to their eye for finding and creating simple, modern, and rustic designs. 

Megan attended art school in Milwaukie Wisconsin but didn’t pursue fiber arts until she moved to Livingston. Meghan believes, however, that it was in her blood, as growing up her great grandmother was always knitting, sewing, and quilting. Megan recalls going to the Livingston Farmer’s Market where she met Barb, a local farmer, selling Icelandic wool. Meghan describes feeling a spiritual connection to the wool’s texture, color, and scent. That day, she left the market knowing one day she would return and make art out of it. After saving up, a year later, Meghan purchased the wool and began experimenting with felting. 

Meghan cherishes her time in the studio and describes being protective of that feeling. She continues to work other jobs to help support herself, which seems to be an advantage for her. Meghan doesn’t want her work to feel like something she has to do. Rather, she appreciates being able to create when she feels it and not pressuring herself when she isn’t feeling it. 


So what is Meghan’s advice for those starting out? Meghan believes it is important to have a vision and keep it. She had a vision for a studio space outside of her home but wasn’t sure how to get there. She kept the vision in her mind and then one day a friend who was moving out of his space, offered it to her. Meghan believes that if you think consistently about something, it will eventually come to you. Perhaps with a little patience and trust in the universe.

Thanks Meghan! You can see more of her beautiful work at